Mental Health - Parina

Databases/Subscription Encyclopedias

*All of the resources below will allow you to listen to audio!

*All of the resoures below will also allow you to save to your Google Drive. (Teen Health and Welness can be touchy.)

Britannica School

This will be a good starting point for you. It will give you an overview of your topic.
*You can often select 1,2,3 for reading level.
*If necessary, the left sidebar contains "Web's Best Sites" which will link you to additional resources. Speak with Mrs. Freeman or Mr. Parina before using one of these so you can decide together if a site is reliable.

Teen Health and Wellness

Rely on the left sidebar on this site!
*Click on "Mind, Mood, and Emotions"
*Scroll down to "Mental Health"
*Click on your illness for an overview and another left sidebar (causes, myths and facts, treatment...)

Gale in Context: Middle School

Using the "Reference" results will be good for your topic overview. Using news and magazines will be good for expanding your information.

Printable Resources
If you need online access to work in the graphic organizer, see Mrs. Freeman or Mr. Parina.

Infographic Creation


You will need to set up an account.
Name: You can give just your first.
What do you do: Select "Student"
What would you like to design: Type in or select - infographic

*Note that you can login to Canva from anywhere at any time as long as you sign in with your Google school account! That means you can easily work on this at home!